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Welcome to an atmosphere of beauty and creative ideas. If you are looking for gift wrapping, gift bags, wrapping paper, or beautiful boxes for presents - you've come to the right place. In our service people are coming, if they need beautiful and original gift wrapping to realize their ideas in decorating presents. After all, the pleasure of presenting a gift is twice as much if you put your hand and heart into the process of decorating a gift.
Stylish, designer gift wrapping based on the best examples of modern gift wrapping. We think up the best combinations, draw the prints and create the whole collections for you.  

Packaging can be decorated with thematic stamps, stickers, beads, bras and decorative cords, ropes, metal fittings, etc. The most relevant materials for wrapping gifts and presents are:

Inexpensive tissue paper. It can be used to create three-dimensional flowers or to fill a holiday box to keep its contents (such as a bottle of perfume, a glass figurine, etc.).
Sisal. An equally popular decorative material that is often used by florists. You can include packaging from sisal if you prepare a charming bouquet of flowers for March 8, or want to congratulate the girl effectively on her name day. Take into account that the rigid, but flexible material has large holes in the structure, so it will take up a significant amount of space.
Gift paper. It can be a coated version of it or adhesive tape. The main emphasis of the manufacturer is on prints and story drawings. For management, try to choose neutral classic colors, and for informal settings - bright and catchy drawings, for example, with the effect of the night sky, space, funny inscriptions, steampunk, pop art or vintage images, etc.

Giving gifts is a pleasant surprise for the recipient

This is a popular service, which is used by modern successful, but too busy business people. Our online store offers a convenient service - ordering gifts with delivery, which will save your time. Choose a suitable surprise can be directly on the site. Here you will see a huge number of luxurious exclusive proposals among which you will surely find the best option for your specific purpose. Choose an elegant souvenir and place an order for its packaging and delivery can be made within minutes. 

Gifts all year round

Gift boxes can be pretty boxes designed for gifts or bouquets of flowers. They are made of thick cardboard or plastic. Quite often sacking, organza or felt are used in decoration.

At L showcases you will find models for any holiday. New Year, name day, corporate events - each product is timed to a specific holiday. Do not leave without attention close people, business partners and regular customers. Buy wholesale and retail stylish gift wrapping products that set the tone for the occasion.

Gift bags are useful for packing business gifts, and huge
boxes - for more valuable presents.
You no longer have to go to the supermarkets on Christmas Eve or any other holiday to look for a suitable decorative


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